Thursday, May 01, 2008

Ticket City.

Ticket city is a spot way in the back of the
kindergarten room with all sorts of colored tickets for bad kids.
Claire received a red one.
Apparently, she went to the bathroom during seat work,
and instead of going back to class she helped herself to the monkey bars.
When I told Christian, we both laughed our heads off imagining
 Claire sneaking off for some one-on-one time with the playground.
Claire was ashamed and stressed out about her red ticket.
That means, Claire has been constipated with a stomach ache since then.
Claire would not eat any dinner last night.
Claire is staying home from school today.
I don't think a 6 year-old should have stress in life--time for that later.
We are going to make pancakes with lemon whipped cream and strawberries
today for breakfast.
I will read her books all day long and maybe take her to the playground
where she can play on the monkey bars until her little hearts content.

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