Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First day of school 2014

Today was the first day of school for the Little Nies.
Jane complained of a stomach ache and stayed home.
 She lay in bed most of the day.  
Poor poor little girl.
No one wants to be sick on the first day of school!
As a result, I decided to cancel the Back to School Feast.
 or when she starts to feel better.  
The boys were up, dressed and fed in impeccable time
also about 30 minutes early to school.
  This is kind of a big deal in our family since we are 
frequently late for almost everything.
As I drove Claire to school I began crying.  
This is kind of a big deal for me--Claire in junior high!?  It's hard to believe!
I was happy and sad and everything in between. 
But I made sure she knew that this was a very very happy event for her.
As I drove her closer to the front door I gave her a little pep talk.
This chat was short, sweet, unexpected and unplanned.
But I deeply wanted Claire to know that 
she needs to be a leader among her peers.  
I want her to understand that there is always someone who is suffering, 
someone who struggles, someone who needs a friend 
and I want her to be that friend.
I want her to be aware of others needs, I want her to seek out and pray for those
who need help or support, or just a simple smile.
Claire is a genuine, happy, kind, sensitive, confident and warm girl.  
She always has been and because of those wonderful traits, 
she will succeed at all she does.
I took this last Monday.  
The gang together before summer fades away.  I have cute children.


 It is the Little Nies first day of school today!
This has been a much anticipated day for each of them.
Last night, the whole family journeyed to the elementary school where we met
 Jane, Ollie, and Nicholas' teachers.  It's going to be a great year!!
Tonight we will head to the Junior High where Claire will be attending, 
to meet her teachers.
(Can you believe I have a child in junior high school?!!?) 
A few weeks ago,  the children (mostly Clane) and I shopped for school clothes.
We do most of our shopping online.  It's simple, convenient, and fast.
And also, the thoughts of taking Lottie shopping 
with the children seems so overwhelming.
When the kids clothes came in the mail last week, 
Clane was most excited.  The boys could care less
(except for their shoes, and underwear).
I helped the girls piece their clothes together into outfits.
Then I suggested I photo the ideas for them so they could 
reference some of these cute ideas when they start to 
complain in October that they don't have any clothes and that jazz.
Jane insisted on photo-bombing all of Claire's photos, 
and I was too lazy to stop her.  
Plus it was really funny.  
Then the boys wandered into the girls room,
 and I told them they couldn't do anything stupid 
(like tease the girls) or I would kick them out.
Of course they did stupid things 
(like tease the girls, and make farting noises when 
I was about to take the photos...it was funny and annoying, 
and they made both girls cry) and of course I kicked them out.
Other than that, it was a successful fashion session.
After about 10 outfits, I was getting tired, Lottie woke up from her nap, 
and it was dinner time.
So we quit. 

 Clanes clothes can be found:

Monday, August 18, 2014

I am ALIVE six years later...

{2009 by Blue Lily}
On Saturday, Mr. Nielson and I spent our 6th anniversary 
of living since our accident.  Six years ago we were in a bad place.  
In fact we were practically dead.
In fact, fact,  I was dead...I was somewhere else...anyway, 
we can talk about that later.
 {2014 by Blue Lily}
But last week Mr. Nielson and I celebrated life!!!  
Do you know how amazing life is?  I am so grateful I am still around.
Even with pain and stress and more pain (still), I feel so much joy and peace
 living on this beautiful earth with my family and husband.
Mr. Nielson and I began celebrating this anniversary last Friday as we smooched 
the Little Nies goodbye and drove up into some of Utah's glorious mountains. 
We camped underneath the stars 
and talked about how six years ago to that very night we were sleeping 
under our speedy ceiling fan in Arizona talking about 
how lucky we were as a couple.  
We counted our blessings and held each other tight.
Well, on Friday night, we did the same thing.  It was wonderful.
I am thankful that we relied on God then and still do now.
I know my story and survival wouldn't be awesome had God not been
a huge part of my life.  
Saturday when we returned home we took the children to dinner.  
We expressed our love and gratitude for each one of them 
And  also for God in preserving our
life so we could still be their mother and father.
At dusk, we took a ride near the lake with the windows
 down and listened to David Grey's 
"Back in the World" a few times.
(sooooo appropriate for me and my life.
Now I think you need to have this song in your life.)
Ice cream was a perfect touch to the end of the night.

I want to express my love and gratitude to the many many wonderful people 
who saved my life.  To the strangers I don't even know who prayed, 
donated, supported, and continue to support me and my family daily.

I have a lot of hope.  I know that God lives.  He loves me too.
I also have plans to introduce the world to a new project 
(my "secret special project") 
that will benefit everyone.  
I was inspired to explore and develop this 
and can't wait until I can get it rolling. 
Tomorrow is the first day of school for the Little Nies.
We are also going to be having the "Back to School Feast".
I can't wait to share it with you-

I love you all
 Other accident anniversaries: (And here's to many more!!)

** Also, I can't wait to introduce you to OUR (Operation Underground Railroad)
Mr. Nielson was involved with this past week.**
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