Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pioneer and Proud

 {a VERY favorite Mormon artist Minvera Teichert}

Did you know that today is an official holiday in Utah?
Our state was founded by strong and brave Mormon Pioneers in 
1847, and so we celebrate today as a holiday.
It's awesome.  Usually my family gets together and we let off a few fireworks,
and then we talk about our rich pioneer heritage at some point during the day.
Today we are headed to my sister 
Page's cabin in the mountains for family time and heritage discussions.
I always remind my children when life gets hard, that they they can
overcome anything because they have a long list
of brave, strong, and dedicated ancestors who came before them.
These men, women, boys and girls overcame and pushed forward
when life got hard- and it was hard!
Sometimes I think we are pretty wimpy.
 {My little pioneers... photo cred: Justin Hackworth}

You can get really wonderful "pioneer" art and other beautiful things
at Latter-Day Home...and 24% off today only.
Happy Pioneer Day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cookies by Clane

My brother Topher is living in London for a few months.
He takes a group of college students over to Europe each summer
for a study abroad program at Utah Valley University.
I invited his widow, Lisa and their darlings over for an evening swim and treats.
I hate when Mr. Nielson leaves for 48 hours, and I can't imagine
months.  That is hard. Go Lisa!!
Each morning, I get up early to exercise and last night, 
Lottie was in my bed (and awake) about 70% of the time, so I was exhausted when
I stumbled out of my bed at 6:00 this morning to hike.
Around 1:30 when Lottie usually takes her afternoon nap,
  I gave myself permission to take a little nap too.
I asked Clane to make some cookies to serve our guests tonight.
I use this recipe every time I bake chocolate chip cookies.
It's practically fool-proof. (thanks Steph)
Clane nailed it, I snoozed, Lottie snoozed, and all is well.

PS:  Check out this awesome clip of Topher.
He's pretty cool.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Baby, Baby!

Did you know that Sundance has partnered with the actual
to come to Utah and share this musical experience with us Westerners?
Well they do, every year, and its awesome!
Mr. Nielson and I joined our dear pals Chad and Amber as we enjoyed 
this fantastic evening and music and all the stories behind the songs.
This year Amy Grant joined the lineup of amazing artists.
When I think of Amy Grant I think about denim and frizzy hair
 and that Baby, Baby song.
 Frizzy hair is gone, denim still intact, {granted updated denim}
 and a wonderful explanation about that song.
Did you know she actually wrote it while she was pregnant with her
first baby and this child within her inspired the hit?
I like that song so much better now knowing its about a baby
rather than a denim-mullet-wearing dude...don't you?
{Just to prove it, watch's classic}
 {That is Chad, the GM of Sundance welcoming the gang to the event- he nailed it}
You still have a chance to be apart of this fun evening.
 Two more Bluebird Cafe events are taking place at Sundance 
on August 22 and 29th.  Go HERE for more information.

Also to note:

Claire is in the middle of another "playmation" film.
I don't have details yet, only that I went through my photos and died laughing.
I think this is really going to be a hit.
She is using the "calico critters" as her actors.
As far as I can tell, someone gets in the tub, falls down the stairs with his
hand stuck in some kind of vase, gets
caught smooching, and some kind of meal is being shared by the community.
I can't to hear the name of this film.
{ Dollhouse- Melissa & Doug}

One of my very favorite stores on the planet are having a sale on the 24th.
Check it out:

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