Thursday, January 29, 2015

Faithful mothers.

 (Me and my girls)
"My dear young women, with all my heart I urge you not to look to 
contemporary culture for your role models and mentors. 
Please look to your faithful mothers for a pattern to follow. 
Model yourselves after them, not after celebrities whose standards 
are not the Lord’s standards and whose values may 
not reflect an eternal perspective. 
Look to your mother. Learn from her strengths, her courage, and her faithfulness. 
Listen to her. She may not be a whiz at texting; 
she may not even have a Facebook page. 
But when it comes to matters of the heart and the things of the Lord, 
she has a wealth of knowledge. As you approach the time for marriage and 
young motherhood, she will be your greatest source of wisdom. 
No other person on earth loves you in the same way or is willing to 
sacrifice as much to encourage you and help you 
find happiness—in this life and forever."
(Me and my Mom)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I am an Abolitionist...

Tonight Mr. Nielson and I attended the premiere of the movie "The Abolitionists".
The film shows the inner workings of the sex trade of innocent young children (mostly girls) 
and the brave men and women who are trying to save them from slavery.
The film brought me to tears at every scene.  I couldn't contain the pain 
I felt for these young girls, children and babies!  
I openly wept in the theater.
I was honored to sit next to Ed Smart, who is the father of Elizabeth Smart
who has joined forces with the O.U.R foundation to help bring hope and 
support through her amazing example and story.
Mr. Nielson with the O.U.R. jump team on a recent sting.
That mission was in The Dominican Republic where they saved 26 children.

I feel so honored to know Tim Ballard and the other 
men and women who sacrifice so much
to free these children.  My heart breaks and I am overcome with so much
emotion when I think about the pain and heartache 
these children and young girls face. 

After the premiere was over,  I just wanted to get in the car and leave. 
 I wasn't up for socializing with anyone.  My heart felt like it had been pulled out of my chest.
Our car ride home was pretty silent.  
Mr. Nielson and I both had emotions and we were both not really 
quite ready to talk about them.
We held each other close in bed and thanked God for our blessings, 
for safety, for healthy children, a safe community, and the O.U.R foundation 
particularly for Tim Ballard for being so brave.
We also begged God to help us be instruments in His hands to help the innocent,
the sad, the lonely, and the lost.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lottie's firsts

Together Lottie girl and I snuggled on my sheep skin
rug in front of our fireplace.  Her gorgeous red hair was a beautiful contrast
to her flawless white skin.  
When I stop to think about it, she really is my best friend. 
I get to be there when she experiences all of her "firsts"
It's really so amazing! 
I am so thankful I can remember these memories.
Here are a few of my favorite Lottie firsts (so far).

-Watching her watch me peel an orange and the eat the inside together.
-When she was bedazzled at fireworks exploding in the sky.
-Tasting Dr. Pepper for the first time (on an airplane).
-When I painted her toes. ( I painted each toenail red and then she pointed
to pink so I removed the red and painted them pink.  Then she wanted purple, 
then gold, then we ended up with green).
-When she held my brother's little dog and wouldn't let go.
-Her first time in our hot tub outside under the stars.
-When she first saw and said "moon".
-Watching Mr. Nielson give Ollie and Nicholas haircuts.
-Eating snow.
-Turning on the disposal.
-Drawing a face with eyes, ears, and nose.
-Buckling her own car seat straps.
-Blowing her nose.
-Taking photos with my phone.
-Getting piggyback rides around the house from anyone and everyone.

{Isn't she so cute}
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