Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I love this time of year so much.

You know here in Utah, the leaves are changing colors.
I love this time of year so very much.
Last week my brother Andrew, my sister Lucy and I planned a 3 mile 
hike up Rock Canyon, which is near my home.
The leaves are not in full colorful force yet, but will in the next coming weeks.
I often think about how much I love Utah- especially my hometown 
and a few surrounding areas.
I love it because its home to me.  It's where I most comfortable.  
I love it because it's simple, and gorgeous. 
 We are surrounded by mountains, good people, and traditions.
I always knew I wanted to raise my family in Utah, particularly Provo.
I love Provo because it's accepting to big families, like the 
one I grew up in and the one I am raising.
 To us three, this is home and probably will be until we die.

The cool autumn air probably should be a perfume,
It's musky, smokey, fresh, clean, and earthy...its pretty much amazing.
I am hoping (besides my daily Y hike) to hike a new trail each 
week and soak in as much of this autumn goodness as possible.
Then Andrew cut me some colorful leaves and hiked the whole way down 
the trail holding them.  What a brother hu!?
They look fabulous on my dining room table. 

Monday, September 15, 2014


 (Mr. Nielson in 2000 and in 2014, I took both photos)

I bet you didn't know Mr. Nielson is a sk8ter.
When we began dating in September of 2000,
 he would take me to a special place in Provo 
where skaters would frequent because of the sweet railing and handicap ramps.
I am pretty sure he wanted to impress me.  Which I actually thought was 
pretty cute, and I was happy to watch him, but it was even better
if he'd take me to 7-11 before to get a Dr. Pepper Slurpee.
After we were married, life became busy and we both had so much
 responsibilities that we never went back to that place in 
Provo and he really never touched his board again.
Every place we moved though, he would pack it up.  
I think he secretly hoped he could get back into that one day.
Well, I am happy to announce that six houses later and just this past week, 
he pulled his board out of the garage and he showed Ollie a few tricks.
Now, Ollie is a little obsessed.
Before we know it, Ollie will be showing Mr. Nielson a thing or two.

Are you looking for a perfect gift for a young, hip girl?
I got this ring for Claire, 
you know cuz every 7th grade girl needs a heart finger-bling.
I also paired it with the silver stacking rings 
So dainty and so adorable.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Family Theme #7 (haters gonna hate)

Our theme for the 2013-2014 year was taken from 
This beautifully inspired declaration 
is a document outlining our Mormon beliefs on families.
I felt inspired that our theme should come from a 
specific part in the this beautiful proclamation:
Successful marriages and families are established and maintained
 on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, 
respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities.
The usual crowns were made, the gorgeous stars given as gifts to each child.
Lottie still had no idea what was going on, except she loved the spray-
painted cotton clouds I hung on our walnut tree over the dinner table.
2014-2015 Family Theme and Back to School Feast was held
August 22 of this year.  I wrote all about it here.

I have really enjoyed recapping all of the
family themes and Back to School Feasts our family has held.
 They have blessed our lives and added unity to everything
we do.  The Little Nies seem proud of who they are, and our family.
I want them to be grateful and happy.  I want them to serve and be proud of
their heritage and especially never ever be ashamed of their
Mormon faith and testimony of Jesus Christ.

And, I am learning everyday that haters are gonna hate no matter what I say,
what I type, what photos I take, and choices I make.
But listen up!  I am confident in who I am as an adored daughter of a loving
God.  He directs my life and if I am smart, I will listen and obey.
I recognize that we all make bad choices, and I certainly have.
But, I am not ashamed of who I am and my roll as a mother, woman and wife.
I am not ashamed of my Mormon faith and it's beliefs.
I wake up every morning, get on my knees
and ask God to forgive me of any pain I have caused,
hurt I may have spread, and ask for help each day because
I ask for an increased amount of love- especially for the people
 who attack me and my family on social media.
 I am sad for them because I know they are not happy.
And I know that I am happy, and no matter what they say, they can
never ever change that. 

Happy weekend to you!!!!

 Spiritual Enlightenment HERE
(Does Paul look familiar??)

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