Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ranch 2015 Day 1

We made it safety to the ranch.
Right when we got on the ranch property, the seat belts flew off and
the Little Nies stuck their heads out the windows and pretty much screamed
the whole way to the ranch house.
It is exceptionally green here for this time of year.
The lush green and the red dirt is a welcomed sight for us, and the children
have looked forward to this week at the ranch all year.

Special thanks to Vivint for keeping Fox Hill safe while we are away!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer to me

This photo is summer to me.  
I snapped this at 11:30 pm after Nicholas had spent a very long 
day playing with cousins outside.  
Mr. Nielson picked him up on the street above our home.
Nicholas was wet, exhausted and shoe less (also a tell-tale of summer).
I snapped this shot because I wanted to remember this moment forever.
Childhood, summer, happiness, peace, and the quiet of my neighborhood,  

This was me 25 years ago and I was on the front
 of my brother Matt's Honda dirt bike. 
 Same dark streets and lots of the same neighbors too.
Difference is I was probably in a swimming suit and my cousin
Katie was probably on the back of the motorcycle also shoe-less,
and also in a swimming suit.
This is summer to me.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Pioneer Day!

Happy Pioneer Day Utah!
Today we celebrate our brave, amazing, hardcore, and courageous
 Mormon pioneer heritage who founded Utah. Pioneer Day (or the 24th of July) 
is an observed holiday here in Utah.
Parades,family, friends, parities, BB-Q's, and lots more
 fireworks make up the bulk of the day.
Our family celebrates the day by reflecting on those in our
ancestry who have showed amazing perseverance through trials and hardship.  
The Little Nies and cousins dress up in pioneer garb
 and play old fashioned pioneer games.
Today the kids decided to dress up as Army heroes-
 which really doesn't have anything do with pioneers.
I don't know how much longer Claire will play dress-up and pretend, 
so I am savoring every last minute!
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