Friday, December 19, 2014

Please Help

to help catch perverts who are exploiting children?
My friend Brook White has collaborated with some wonderful artists to create
a beautiful lullaby album to raise money to donate to
O.U.R. is an organization that rescues kidnapped children from sexual slavery.
80% of the money raised on pledge will be donated to O.U.R. 
PLUS a great company called Foundation Entertainment  
will be MATCHING all donations up to $20,000!
Buy the album, and change lives. 
How thankful I am for my beautiful girls who are safe and loved.
It makes me sick thinking about the children all over who are being subjected 
to such horrible situations.  They deserve better.  
Lets help save them.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas photos

A few weeks ago we had our Christmas photos done at 
Justin Hackworth's studio in Provo. 
It was hard choosing "the one" for our Christmas cards, but it had to be done.
Next week I will post it, along with my Christmas testimony and love to you.

In the meantime, check out how dang cute my Little Nies are:

...becuase I am trying to be better at this, here you go:
Lottie's dress// shoes
Nicholas' bow tie// sweater
Claire dress// sweater
Oliver's suit// gold flower// tie
Jane's dress
My skirt// shirt

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

4 Christmas suggestions

Hey guys,

Here are some of my favorite things that I'd like to suggest
 you look into as Christmas gifts for your loved ones.
If you act now, (like today) you can still get these items in time for Christmas:

(FOR HIM) 1. Rhone jacket (or anything from their website).
Mr. Nielson has a few things from Rhone that are amazing 
on him and the quality is supreme.
Seriously, your man, son, father, husband, would really really like Rhone.
Check out Mr. Nielson in this amazing Lion hoodie:
(Deal running on now for Lion Hoodie!
Use code Jammies)

(FOR HER/YOU) 2. Head over to & Apparel for unique dresses and sweaters.
(necklaces are sweet too)
This dress (below) was the little gem I wore to the
burn gala in Arizona a week ago.  
I also really am loving THIS
*Use code NIENIE25 for 25% off your entire order.
(Also free downloadable cute gift tags HERE)

These babies can be shipped anywhere and are the perfect treat for 
your party, or mom, or teacher or, of course, for you.
Use code NieNie for 20% off your order
Order HERE

4.'Beautiful Heart Pillow' that I created with Latter-Day Home.
Quoted from my New York Times Bestseller Heaven is Here, this pillow 
serves as a great reminder of what truly makes a beautiful life.
Also, in case you haven't ordered your Christmas cards, it's not too late.
I used Pinhole Press again, like I do every year.
They are easy to work with, and wonderful costumer service.
I used this card and love it-- can't wait to get them out to family and
friends in the mail!!

Happy shopping!

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