Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Gigs turns N I N E

My Nicholas Jones Nielson turns N I N E today!
Happy birthday to my sweet little man.
Here are N I N E of some my favorite photos of Nicholas "Gigs" Nielson:
I love you my sweetheart son!

"Nicholas's big brown eyes got heavy, and he snuggled in a little closer. 
 I watched in awe as his eyelids fluttered, then shut so peacefully.  
He lay beside me, breathing deep, relaxed breathes. 
 I looked at every detail of his face and his long brown lashes resting against his round cheeks.  
His chubby hands nestled their way under his cheeks.  Even his white-blond hair seemed to be peacefully resting on his smooth, soft forehead.  His perfect beauty struck me, and I was filled with love for this little boy, and gratitude that he would let me lie down near him. 
 I had almost missed these precious moments with my children..."

(excerpt taken from my memoir Heaven is Here describing my thoughts
about connecting with Nicholas again after the accident.  Pg. 265)

Monday, October 05, 2015


We spent the weekend enjoying the 185th 
Conference is held every October and April, and I dare say 
October session is my favorite--only because of the time of year.  
The fall leaves, the decorations, fun traditions, and cozy moments.  
 Boss and Mary (Mr. Nielson's parents) came up from Arizona to join us
for this special weekend.
On Friday we drove up beautiful Provo canyon to Sundance  
where we took a few photos, picked up a few famous Sundance suckers, 
and let Lottie throw rocks in the river.  
Saturday and Sunday were spent in our living room watching 
the wonderful inspirational talks given by church leaders and our prophet.  
I had a list of questions that I have been wanting answers too.  
Questions that need heavenly help and inspired guidance. 
Questions that could only be answered this weekend.  
Questions about my life, my children's lives,
my secret project (remember that??), and my spiritual welfare.
 I think they all got answered this weekend.  Mostly I felt peace.
Peace for the days and weeks ahead.  
That is a good feeling.

For conference breakfast I made Ebelskiver batter and Mr. Nielson
filled them with cheese and jam and cooked them up.
We pile on the maple syrup, Nutella, caramel, powdered sugar,
fruit, and fresh creme.  It's a dream.
 October conference I make Ebelskivers and April conference I make Dutch babies.
It's all about the traditions.
In the work of salvation, there is no room for comparison, 
criticism, or condemnation. 
It is not about age, experience, or public acclaim. 
This sacred work is about developing a broken heart, a contrite spirit, 
and a willingness to use our divine gifts and unique talents 
to do the Lord’s work in His way.
-Carol F. McConkie 

Friday, October 02, 2015

Happy October!

Happy October!  My very favorite month of the year!!!
We celebrate the first day of October...it's a Nielson tradition.
Lucky for us, Christian's parents (GrandMary and Boss) have come to
 spend the weekend with us and take part in our fantastic family traditions.
This year we decided to put our life size skeleton "Mr. Bones" on our roof.  
The Little Nies were so excited and helped Mr. Nielson carry him up our stairs.
They would have all jumped at the opportunity to get on the roof to
 lend Mr. Nielson a hand up there, but mom (that's me) said NO.
Part of our October 1st holiday includes fresh apple cider, donuts, and watching
 Disney's Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  Its absolutely fabulous!
 Spiritual Enlightenment:
Happy weekend!  
I have been waiting for this particular weekend for the last six months.
It is General Conference, where we get to listen from our Prophet and other church leaders.  
I invite you to watch/listen too.  
For more information and viewing options, please go HERE!

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