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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

My three steps for feeling better

The past few weeks I have felt discouraged.  
Have you noticed sometimes when you feel discouraged or hurt 
by something that everything seems to pile up higher and higher
 and deeper and deeper?
When I physically don't feel good, or when I look at 
the long list of surgeries that need to be done,
 or physical therapy that needs to be continued I get so very overwhelmed.  
Then there are the problems that you can't fix;
 the problems that canker the world, 
sometimes your city, and sometimes even your own family.  
You can't make everyone happy.  
You can't please everyone, and I am learning this everyday.
But here is what I can do:
  1. I can work on changing my attitude, thoughts and feelings toward the problem.  Most the time I can't even change the circumstances, but I can change my attitude.
  2. I can receive help from those who are close to me—my family, friends, and those who I love and trust the most.
  3. I can develop a more powerful and complete trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.
I am learning to let any pain and discouragement go in frustrating situations 
and replace it with extra faith, 
being humble, and maybe even some hard swallowing.
I won't always get everything I think would be best for everything.  
But I have the power to let bad feelings slip away. 
I want to be able to step back and let myself simmer before making 
very emotionally charged decisions that would effect and hurt others.
And in the end, I can be respectful to people I don't agree with,
kind to people who have different opinions and thoughts than me.
Because I have the Savior in my life.  
I can give it over to Him and move on He is the only person who knows
what is exactly right for the exact situations.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A thought on a Tuesday

I have been thinking a lot of the people I love and appreciate in my life.
People who have done something that I personally find admirable 
or extremely challenging amidst their own trials. 
 I am grateful for these people.  
I am grateful for their example in my life, and my children's lives.
 I am grateful for the choices they have made that make them who they are.
They had to make conscience and 
deliberate choices to get them to where they are.
It's hard to stand up for what is right when it what is right is so uncool.
It's hard to fight for something when it's not popular.
I have a list of these men and women in my journal.
I gather strength from them daily.
Do you have a list? 

Just my thoughts today.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Three questions to ask yourslef when blogging:

I have often been asked questions about my blogging experience.
People who want to begin blogging ask me what they should know or
expect when starting a blog.
Since I began blogging in 2005, I have always had the same three questions
in my heart that I ask myself whenever I write a post:

1. Who is my audience?
2. What am I going to share/write in my post?
3. Can I freely talk about God?

These are just my personal rules that I follow.  
I have found that following these guidelines I write more fulfilling
and positive blog posts.  
Since this blog is also a wonderful family history journal for my generations, 
I share highs and lows, ups and downs.  

I also think knowing when the appropriate time to blog is another key to successful blogging. 
And when I say knowing, I mean like the time of day.
I blog when my children are away at school,
napping, or after they have gone to bed.
I am a mother first.  If I can get my priorities straight then the time 
I have to blog is more enjoyable for me and not a job or obligation.
I don't feel guilt because I am staring into
my computer while the little Nie's are 
wandering around the house looking for something to do or eat.
Or needing attention from me.
Blogging is a project that I love, but it also requires
 balancing responsibilities and knowing what comes first.


Friday, November 09, 2012

Label me.

If I met someone and had a 1 minute conversation with them,
 I want them to go away knowing a few things about me.
More importantly, this is what I want my children
to know about me-without a doubt. 
 I want to be stable and consistent always and forever.
Thank heavens for a loving Heavenly Father who allows me to keep trying when
I mess up... and it happens everyday.

She is a Christian.
She believes in families.
She cares deeply for her role as a mother and a wife and her children are her crowning glory.
She is madly in love with her husband and respects him as her husband and equal partner.
She loves being a Mormon and wont hide her beliefs.
She is honored to be a woman.
She loves her country and is proud to be an American.
She is overwhelmed with gratitude for her lot in life.
She never questions if God exists.  She knows.
She has a testimony of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
She wont change to fit in a certain social scene because her actions are always consistent with her beliefs.
She knows she is not perfect and there is always room for improvement.
She is stable and knows who she is and has always known.
She has never questioned her religion...ever.
She wont falter in her morals and what she knows is good and true in this ever changing world to be labeled as cool or accepting of every fad that comes and goes.
She knows the right path for herself and her children and will fiercely defend the family.
She knows what true happiness is- even if it's not what the world views as happy or cool.
She understands that always making good choices leads to a happy and fulfilled life.
She believes trials can help us grow and experience life in ways that will effect our families and our lives in really beautiful ways.
She thinks its cool to be good.

Spiritual Enlightenment HERE.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where I turn for peace

{On our latest fall color ride up Midway, Utah}

Since trials are part of our existence, we might as well
figure out how to deal with them as soon as possible.
Of course they are not easy, nor will they ever be.
But if I have learned (and learning) anything it is:

1. Never be ashamed of my faith, who I am, and what I can share. I can't deny that my faith in Jesus Christ has saved my life, blessed my family,
and carried me through my struggles along the way.
You wont find me hiding that from anyone-I don't care if you believe in God or not.

2. Own the trial. We each come with our own personal trials. God trusts us with them, he knows us and knows what we are capable of. He hopes we can learn and teach others from our own experience. It's hard enough going through it, but what if we went through the trail{s} with an attitude that "this too shall pass"? Everyone struggles, God has faith in me, I have faith in myself and I can do this. What a difference your struggle could be.

3. Read the Book of Mormon. You don't have to be a Mormon to read this book.
The principles taught inside the inspired words will give hope, meaning to life and happiness that can only be felt through Jesus Christ.
I am so relieved and blessed to understand that through these trials and struggles that if I pray to my Father in Heaven in the name of Jesus Christ, my family will be blessed and strengthened. (3 Nephi 18:21)
If you want to read this inspired book I will send you one free, no strings attached. Promise.
{ for more information, go here} I want you to find out for yourself the truth and beauty in these words. The faith I gather in hard times can only come through Christ's tender
words found through The Book of Mormon.
God still speaks to us today. I promise.

I dont write this post because I have in anyway mastered these, in fact I still struggle, but I have the tools to figure them out and face them though and I am so grateful. is the link to 'The Religious Test' film I mentioned earlier.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Another Fairytale

{I even put curlers in this morning}

Today I slept in.
Not that much, but enough.
Mr. Nielson drove away early this morning to take a test for his new project.
(more on that later)
I kept the children home from school today.

I needed them, and they certainly needed me.
Attention. Love. Hugs. Kisses. All of that which lately, has seemed a little off.
I missed Jane's soccer game and I payed for it.
She cried herself to sleep last night. She even said what every mother hates to hear:
Was going out with Daddy to that thing more important than me?

And that is when I decided they ALL needed to stay home.
We needed to regroup and focus on each other.
I needed to assure them that nothing is more important than my children.

{out to lunch with the girls}

I made eggs and we laughed, worked on Claire's science fair report.
The boys played quietly on the floor, and all was well.
To top it off, Mr. Nielson came home with a huge smile and big news that he passed the test {that he had stayed up until 4:00 in the morning preparing for}.

It was a fairytale day.
And I think it is good to have a few of those now and again.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Spring is on its way, I can feel it.

{me on "old Willow Lane" miked for my recent shoot with 20/20. I was loving Spring that day.}

I hiked my Y today. Second time this week. Oh ya. I am feeling the burn.
But, I feel so alive!!! The wind in my face, the smells, the sights, and the sounds.
It truly is amazing.
My fascination with the Y has grown more today than ever in the 11 years I have hiked it
I know it is because I am changed.
Today when I hiked it, I saw {while walking in mud}
little green buds sprouting on the cold trees. I saw life.
And, it is beautiful.
And, nothing can stop it. It is a miracle.
I somehow think about my life that way;
its beautiful, its a miracle, and unstoppable. I am so lucky.

I hope that if you {whoever you are reading my blog}, understands the power
each one of us holds. We are emerging right along with the earth in Spring.
If you are lonely or have self-doubt about your roll in life,
Take a walk, or a hike, or a run.
You will change your mind about it. I promise.
While you are at it, think about your body {in whatever condition it is in}
and realize how lucky you are that you have it, and can enjoy this mortal experience.

{me enjoying my mortal experience on my bike with the children and Mr. Nielson}

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thinking on a Thursday... pretty much a boring post.

This morning I lay in my bed thinking.
I thought about the amazing road we take to go skiing at Sundance. The gorgeous tree-lined trail that leads up to the amazing majestic mountains. I love it. I hope tomorrow Mr. Nielson and I can escape and go skiing again.
Then I thoughts about the Auroramark. Our quaint little sailboat.
Right now she is shivering at the lake storage unit, dreaming of warmer days.
And I have to admit, I am too.
But actually, not really. I love the snow and the cold.
I just miss my yellow cleavage shoes, sans flaky skin.

Check this out.-sweeeeeet.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Tender Mercies

(Nicholas 4 1/2 and 2 1/2-picture by Wendy Whitacre)

I had a tender mercy today as I was reading e-mails from you.
I got a very sweet e-mail from Ashley who lost her baby; 18 month old Preslee.
One day alive and perfect, next day gone.
Of course I think about my own baby- who is not really a baby anymore.
His chubby little hands remind me that he will always be MY baby.
(Once the chubby fingers are gone, its time for another I always say-
please, please, please, please).

Nicholas loves me like crazy. He really does. He smooches on me, and jumps on me, and tries to feed me. It is a blessing. It seems like I always talk about this: (so forgive me), but SO many LONG awful days in the hospital would come and go. All I would do was cry, and mostly because MY baby Nicholas didn't even know me. It was heartbreaking- so every time he does those (sometimes ruff) acts of love. I think of them as the Lords "Tender Mercies" in contrast to what I remember in room 12 which was sad, crying, praying, sleepless nights, crazy medications, no hair, and being alone.

So while Ashley misses Preslee, and you and I have other trials, we can remember that God is in control, and our pain can and will be made light if we just pray, take day by day, and look for Gods hand in everything.
These tender mercies that you and I have are not random. They are not by coincidence either. They are Gods way of showing His frequent love to us.

Spiritual Enlightenment here.
Check out Mindy Gledhill's "Anchor" music video.

It is just beautiful, and now I will proudly announce,
that the motorcycle Mindy rides,
is Mr. Nielson's baby.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Just a bunch of thoughts and a tummy ache.

(Packing up and heading home)

I left the burn unit where I lived in room 11 for the most part of my 1 month stay.
I have a hate/love relationship with it there.
But when I walk the halls (searching for any amount of exercise)I feel loved.
I feel so accepted. I actually was scared to come back home into the "real world" where people stare at me and wonder.
I have looked bad, and then worse during this big ordeal,
and never once did I feel it in the hospital. And if I did, it never lasted.
Plus there are no mirrors in the burn unit. (so I never knew what I looked like)
Nothing like I do now.
My sweet children are not sure what to make of my new chin and horrific scaring.
This morning I had a rendezvous bout with a upset stomach. I am not kidding. I have had some pretty crappy stomach aches and I have had 3 natural childbirths and even those couldn't compare with today's episode. And I never got relief.
For a complete 30 minutes.
I begged Mr. Nielson to kill me. (but not really, mom)
My kids stood in the background frightened.
I am sure my in-laws think I am a drama mama.
I cried and Mr. Nielson picked me up and off we went for the car to the hospital.
I saw myself in the burn unit hooked up to all the machines including a feeding tube and then I threw up- everywhere. I stood in the 1 million degree heat outside with little fire ants biting my toes and heaved over and over again on my in-laws front lawn.
It was sweet.
I felt better. But not completely.
I napped for 3 hours. I am a mess.
And then the thoughts started to flood my mind.
I missed my house in Utah.
Reports from home say all the flowers I planted in my front lawn are up and beautiful.
I miss the mountains.
I miss my sisters and parents.
I miss everyone there...even the grumpy neighbors and their new wheelchair access in the front.
I thought about my parents moving to St. Louis. I have got to get better and home before they leave. All I want to do is climb in between them in bed and let my Dad's fan blow on us while he passes out a taffy or two from his nightstand and Mom rubs my back.
This year will be the last one for me in my twenties.
My 29th birthday is approaching.
Am I ready for 30?
And finally, tonight when I kissed my boys in bed,
Ollie asked me where I got the Olives today.
I couldn't understand what he was talking about. Olives? What? I didn't eat any olives today.
I thought long and hard and saw his confusion mixed with drowsiness,
and finally his little eyes closed.
"Ollie" I said "Where did you see me eating olives?"
"It was in your throw-up"
I startled him as I laughed out loud.
"Honey, those were blueberries" I told him
"Oh" he said, and just like that went off to dreamland.
This is what is keeping me sane.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Critical Condition

(my family at our sunday family fireside on my accident anniversary)

Today I woke up.
That was an accomplishment.
But folks, that's not all!
I woke up at 7:00 am to get my girlie's lunches made, laundry done and breakfasts. I also wrote list of goals to complete...


organizing tools
new front door
paint cupboards
hang up and frame paintings

and that list was just for Mr. Nielson alone.

Here were my goals:

organize cupboards

That looks a little off balance.

It was just like the old times getting excited about accomplishing something. And boy how that has been therapy for me.
The old times...those were great, and some of it I want to continue, but lots of it I am not looking back. I am looking forward and it feels so good.

Thank you all for coming to my Dads weenie roast. Good times had there. (My brother Matt looked like the candidate all dressed up in his nice suit...looking good matty).

I then dragged Mr. Nielson with me to the burn unit and to my very wonderful, very honored surprise, Doctor Peck who was on my "life-saving team" in AZ was there. It was such a delightful meeting and I was giddy with joy. Mr. Nielson and I shed tears of gratitude for his handy work in our preservation on this planet.
I had never officially "met" him since I was in a coma, so it was very special.

Tonight I overheard the news on TV at my parents house. The anchor was explaining a accident in Salt Lake. Then she ended with "...and now she is in critical condition in the hospital.....Did you hear about Dennis the special monkey who gets carried around on a leash?...bla bla blablaaa bla......"

And that was that.
And I thought, wow.
For that woman in critical condition she is still in critical condition with doctors and nurses trying to save her life...her LIFE! She has a family who is in critical condition too emotionally strained with the news. And we are in a moment saddened by her heart-breaking news but then it disappears as we listen about Dennis the special monkey.
It was painful.

Do you get what I mean?

I guess one has to go through an ordeal where a loved one is slipping away and nothing else in the world matters. Nothing. You don't watch TV, listen to music. Movies are too much and even reading is hard. I know because my family has told me.

So to you sweet woman and her family in critical condition.
You may have months and months of hospital visits, desperate prayers and heartache, but never forget who will always remain in critical condition with you.
The Savior.
He will be there until everything is stable and then forever after.
I know that and so does my family.
When the world forgets He will remain.

I am sure Dennis is a really special monkey,
but sometimes some situations feel too sacred to just announce.

Those are my thoughts tonight.
All is well.

"special news"

and PS...I love this photo!
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