Wednesday, March 05, 2014

My three steps for feeling better

The past few weeks I have felt discouraged.  
Have you noticed sometimes when you feel discouraged or hurt 
by something that everything seems to pile up higher and higher
 and deeper and deeper?
When I physically don't feel good, or when I look at 
the long list of surgeries that need to be done,
 or physical therapy that needs to be continued I get so very overwhelmed.  
Then there are the problems that you can't fix;
 the problems that canker the world, 
sometimes your city, and sometimes even your own family.  
You can't make everyone happy.  
You can't please everyone, and I am learning this everyday.
But here is what I can do:
  1. I can work on changing my attitude, thoughts and feelings toward the problem.  Most the time I can't even change the circumstances, but I can change my attitude.
  2. I can receive help from those who are close to me—my family, friends, and those who I love and trust the most.
  3. I can develop a more powerful and complete trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.
I am learning to let any pain and discouragement go in frustrating situations 
and replace it with extra faith, 
being humble, and maybe even some hard swallowing.
I won't always get everything I think would be best for everything.  
But I have the power to let bad feelings slip away. 
I want to be able to step back and let myself simmer before making 
very emotionally charged decisions that would effect and hurt others.
And in the end, I can be respectful to people I don't agree with,
kind to people who have different opinions and thoughts than me.
Because I have the Savior in my life.  
I can give it over to Him and move on He is the only person who knows
what is exactly right for the exact situations.

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