Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekend plans/ Mindy Gledhill

Happy weekend to you!
Mr. Nielson is taking our boys on the Fathers and Sons camp-out.
This camp-out which is put on by our church is for dads, sons,
brothers, grandpa's, nephews and so forth.
It is consisted of ward members, neighbors and friends.
My boys are so excited-but I did buy a 5 pound bag of treats for them to take.
The girls and I have planned to make a yummy dessert while they are away. 
 They are really excited about that, so am I.  We are going to wear our
aprons and enjoy being together as mothers and daughters should.
For your information, my dear friend Mindy Gledhill
is working on her next album NOW! 
She has been in Nashville recording this new album, and I am so excited!
She has partnered up with a company called PledgeMusic 
 It's a cool way of involving people in the making of her new album.
When you contribute to her new album, you will get something awesome in return. 
Depending on your
level of funding, you could get:

{Photo, Justin Hackworth}

* A copy of the new album
*A phone call from Mindy to sing you to sleep
*A hand written lyric sheet
*Their name in the liner notes of her album credits
*An invitation to the listening party for the new album
*A Skype call with Mindy
*A day of shopping with Mindy to her favorite vintage stores
*A private songwriting lesson
*Private voice lesson
*VIP pass to a music video set
*VIP backstage passes
*A chance to be in one of her music videos
*Executive producer credits on her album
*A chance to work with Mindy as a mentor (for aspiring musicians)

Pretty awesome! 
Please visit for more information and to help
Mindy with this amazing new project.   
This campaign ends in 3 weeks!!!
Please help today!
Now, as her friend, I have to say how proud of her I am. 
She is such a talented woman. A beautiful friend with a gorgeous
heart and soul which shows up in work.
I want her to succeed.  Her music is beautiful, and so insightful.
 I love her.
{watch her in action}
Happy Weekend!

Have you heard of Shwings???
My kids are obsessed!
Get yours  HERE

Spiritual Enlightenment HERE

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