Friday, September 28, 2007

NieNie's Friday's Face:

I met this beauty on the arm of my brother-in-law Marcus last summer. I admired her dark brown eyes, and gorgeous smile.

Her style: funky meets Hepburn.

Britnee earned herself a full-ride scholarship to ASU and this past summer she packed her bags and moved to Japan to model.

In her spare time she sent my children adorable Japanese postcards.

Ladies and Gentleman, Britnee:

Born- Ogden, Utah

Education- Sophomore ASU

Job description- Student

Favorite time of day/why- 11:00 a.m. because the sun is just above and I really like the lighting.

Happiest childhood memory- Every winter my family would make the drive up to Utah to visit our relatives. We would stay at this place called Duck Creek Lodge. The night we got in we would eat pie and drink hot chocolate. Since it was winter I loved looking out at the snow in the mountains while sitting in the warm hotel.

Favorite vacation spot- The beach. I actually love to travel all over but the beach is one place that is perfect to relax on and its only a days drive away.

Britnee and friend.

What scares you- Running out of time.

Who is your vote for '08- Ooh. Tough one. I like Mitt Romney but if he doesn't make the primary then anyone EXCEPT Hillary.

Favorite colors together- Apple green and chocolate with a dash of red in there somewhere...

What are your future goals- As of now I am working towards getting my broadcasting degree and then going on to work for a news station. I hope to one day be able to discuss the current affairs of our country on air. Career aside, I plan on one day marrying someone who will sweep me off my feet and we will live happily ever after!

What are you listening to- My current playlist consists of Peter Bjorn and John, The Brunettes, Justice, and amazing techno remixes!

Favorite place to eat out- AZ 88. This one is recent. My dear "friend" Marcus took me there for lunch one time. My first time there they had a chandelier made out of dipped paintbrushes and the second time there were angel wings hanging from the ceiling. I love that it has such an artsy nuance about it. Oh yeah and the food is pretty scrumptious too... I recommend any one of their sandwiches because they come with potato french fries and fruit.

Marcus her "friend"

Who would you love to meet (living or dead)- Audrey Hepburn. Her photographs are timeless. I think it would be an honor to meet the lady behind all of the beauty.

What major decision are you figuring out in your life- Career goal: Should I stick with Broadcast Journalism and work through the rigorous professional ladder or go Public Relations where jobs seem a bit more promising?

britnee with her mother.

At 5:00 pm what you doing- Mondays and Wednesdays driving home from ASU listening to my "recently added" playlist. Tuesdays and Thursdays most likely eating a snack while doing Spanish or journalism homework
Describe yourself in one word-

More on Britnee go here.

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